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tv   [untitled]    January 10, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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the hours of -- the sale of alcoholic noise is defined as any raucous sound produced in such a manner or to such a degree as to disturb the peace, acquired, and comfort of persons in the neighborhood. shall not be under the area of the licensee. no person under the age of 21 sit shallop should furnish or sell a call abetted ridges. laundering is considered idling stanley about without lawful business. property adjacent to the adjacent seat. responsible for remaining letter phrase. next condition is graffiti. graffiti shall be removed from the premise and parking lots within 72 hours of an application. if the gritty occurs on a friday or weekend, it should be
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removed within 72 hours of the next week day. that is actively maintained and recorded. electronics event shall be in place during operating hours. an electronic record and shall be kept up to 72 hours and shall be made available to the department or police department upon demand. petition shall not make structural changes to the regulation. we are recommending this pub for approval. supervisor chu: we did receive correspondence that the applicant for 620 treat did request a continuance. can you comment on whether that was the case? >> was i reading the wrong one? i'm sorry. i read the entire wrong one.
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we have the continuance of treat. unfortunately, everything i read was the wrong address. i have been reading pineville time. supervisor chu: gesso members of the public are aware, this is item three. this is in relation to a liquor license application. we received correspondence from the applicant. is there anything else you want to add to that? >> other that it was also a brew pub. dialogue is similar but does not have the same language. supervisor chu: why don't we open of this item up to public comment. are there any other members of the public that would like to comment? this item will be continued.
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hearing none, public comment is closed. we have a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair. item 4. >> hearing to consider that the issuance of a type 75 on-sale general brew-pub liquor license to cuong truong for champango, llc, dba unicorn pan asian restaurant located at 191 pine street (district 3), will serve the convenience of the people of the city and county of san francisco. supervisor chu: thank you. the inspector read into the record the items that would be the conditions for this approval. why don't we just open this up for public comment. this is in regard to 191 pine street the for license. are there any other members of the public that would like to comment? hearing none, public comment is closed. inspector, is there anything that you would add? i know you are recommending this item for approval with conditions. >> yes, just a thank you for not
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making me read them into the record. supervisor avalos: motion to approve with conditions. supervisor chu: we have a motion to send these items for with the recommendations requested. without objection. item five. >> hearing to consider that the transfer of a type 21 off-sale general license from 697 south van ness avenue to 1118 howard street (district 6) to raymond li for gar may enterprise inc., will serve the convenience of the people of the city and county of san francisco. supervisor chu: thank you. inspector? >> what is before us is an existing business. i would categorize them as a variety store. they have a variety of retail products. they have been in business for some time and are looking to expand their marketplace into the sale of beer, wine, and distilled spirits. there are four letters of protest from the community, one
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from the police department in our original review of the application. i would also point out that this is located in an area of high crime. it is currently not in an era of high concentration of licenses, but i would point out, if this was approved, it would put us at our limit. currently, we are authorized for 12 of sales in the neighborhood. we are currently at 11. if approved, we would be at the max. we do not believe this will serve the convenience or necessity of the public. we would also point out the close proximity to another center on howard street. this would be inconsistent with what we're trying to do with our combination efforts with the department of public health, helping people with addictive
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needs. if this was an on sale where there would be food components and other opportunities, but because this is an off sale, we concur with the public that this is a transition area and is not the direction the neighborhood was to be heading in. i would leave it with that. we are recommending this application for denial. supervisor chu: a few questions. it sounds like at 1118 howard street, it is a variety store looking to have a liquor license transference for offside and alcohol consumption? >> yes, they are an existing business.
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they are looking to broaden their market share. i think this is an example where this is a fine operator, not a reflection of them, but the location that they tried to bring out all into. >> in terms of the center you talked about. how close is it? >> it is on the same block, on the same side. the center is at 1175. the subject address is 1118. so it is only a block away. supervisor chu: in terms of conditions, it sounds and there were no conditions that could possibly be put into place that would allow for this to be a positive contribution to the community. >> not that we could come up with. opening up an off sale
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opportunity at that location could potentially cause more harm. there are a lot of licensees in that area. we could not find a fit for this. supervisor chu: thank you. i wonder if the applicant is here today. inspector, do you know if the applicant had planned to be here? >> they were non-committal. we spoke to them on friday and they are aware of our recommendation. they understand the consequences and they were noncommittal about an appearance today. supervisor chu: any other questions for the committee? are there any other members of the public that would like to comment? this is the liquor license transfer at 1118 howard st.. at this time, the department is recommending denial of this application. are there any other members of the public that would like to comment? hearing none, public comment is closed. supervisor avalos: i would
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motion to table this item. supervisor chu: without objection. thank you very much. item six please. >> hearing to consider that the issuance of a type 51 beer and wine club license to jose lima for golden gate council of american youth hostels, inc., dba ivys place, located at 685 ellis street (district 6), will serve the convenience of the people of the city and county of san francisco. supervisor chu: thank you. inspector? >> what is before us now is a type 51, a club licenses. it should not be confused with a nightclub. this is more like clubs, membership. also so that you understand, this is currently licensed as a hostile. the only people allowed in this component of the hostile would be registered members of the
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hostel and their guest. it is not an all-out of silt privilege. that would not be in compliance with our conditions. if allowed, it would be able to serve beer and wine only. i would point out, the tenderloin station is recommending this for approval. four levels of protest included in your package. after consideration, we are recommending this with approval with the following conditions. condition one, sales, services, consumption of all paul shelby permitted between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight daily. condition two, we are taking the ability away to sell distilled spirits. the condition under the person of 21 shall sell furniture,
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deliver all of beverages. condition four, the sale of beverages shall be made to members of the club and bona five guests. condition five, at no time should pay license party controller have control over the business. condition six. noise. noise is considered any sound that disrupts the quiet and peace of many persons in the neighborhood. shall not be audible under the area of the licensee. condition seven, loitering. loitering is prohibited on any sidewalk, corner in front of the licensee as depicted in the application. they should keep the area free of litter. graffiti shall be removed from the premise under the controlled
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licensee within 72 hours of the application. if the griffey occurs on a weekend, they shall remove graffiti within 72 hours following the next week day. our last condition, no changes to the interior without prior approval from the department. with these conditions, we are recommending this club licenses. supervisor chu: thank you. could you speak to the items, in terms of letters of protest -- what are the conditions you have laid out? >> absolutely. supervisor chu: the letters that i see show a general comment on how the licensing might lead to an aberration -- >> right.
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we are allowing this to go until 2:00 a.m. seven days a week. the biggest mitigation here is this is not open to the general public. if it was a place open to the general public, many of these comments we are looking at would make sense, but the fact that this is a club only, meaning is registered members of this hostel, they do have to maintain records. from an enforcement standpoint, this is big for us. but say they start allowing people from the general public in. it would be easy for us to walk in and make an enforcement case. if they are not part of the hostel registry, we have violations. the most compelling thing for me at the time is this was not open for the general public. i did not see it impacting the public like a normal office sale
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would. supervisor chu: thank you. are there any other members of the public that would like to comment? 685 ellis st. >> first, a point of order, don't you call the cards that were submitted? >> i just wanted to point that out. my name is michael nulty. one of our concerns is this license -- there are no restrictions. they would just sell all call. there are no food sales.
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people will just go in there and drink. another concern we have is miners are allowed on the premise because of the type of the alcohol license they are asking for. how are they going to restrict minors' from having access to alcohol? we are also concerned about the noise. we have residential hotels across the street. we are also concerned about safety, not only for the patrons, but also for the community. we are aware of police reports where people were mugged right outside the premise. here is a copy dated may 23,
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2010, somebody was mugged right outside the premises, a robbery. we do not know their safety plan. they did not come to any community meetings lately to tell us what changes they made to the premise. also, we were aware of this back in 2004. we were aware that they had a license and we put it on the agenda for district 6. when somebody takes seven years to finally come to a hearing, we do not know what they will do what they will not do. we do not know their safety plan. they have not come through the community. supervisor chu: thank you.
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we have two cards. michael nulty. john nulty. if there are any members of the public that would like to speak as well, please line up in the center aisle. >> [no audio] as stated before, the state of california, the license was started in 2004. this is what they mailed out to neighbors, -- 2004, 2010. it is not in the language of the other neighborhood so people
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could not protested when it was sent out. this is a type 24. these community groups oppose the application. seven years ago, the applicant -- since then, they have done no community of reach to the neighborhood groups. the american youth hostel has 19 hospitals in the state of california. why is the pacific center the only one seeking a license? i would like items a through g include that the police to not
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include restrictions on the license if it is to be accepted at this committee. over the last seven years, we have not lost licenses. the former police chief and captain of the tender line had a policy of no new liquor license. i see that as counter to those directions. i would urge the committee to turn this down. supervisor chu: thank you. are there any other members of the public that would like to comment? this is the item with regard to a liquor license application at 685 ellis. hearing none, public comment is closed. just a question for the inspector. in terms of the operator responsibility, it sounds -- had there been incidences with this organization?
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they are not currently -- they do not currently hold a liquor license and they do not have a history of having all, all on site. are there issues we should be concerned about, should consider with this application? >> not that i'm aware of. their calls for service are actually pretty brief. if i could make one other comment. some of the concerns i heard were beyond the scope of what we are doing here. this license type by statute does not require food. that is nothing that we can impose upon them. by statute, this would allow those under 21. so those were beyond the police department's review. supervisor avalos: in the letter that the company's this, there
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is a mention of a cafe. >> you are correct. they have food service, but that is something they could discontinue. so i left it out of my report. i appreciate your bringing it up. they do provide a food component currently but it is not something that this license would ever require them to do. you are correct. it operates at a cafe and there is currently a food component at their choice. my understanding is that is part of their revenue source. supervisor avalos: it does not seem likely they would discontinue the cafe. >> i am remiss to not bring that up. they are providing meal service to these members. supervisor avalos: if they are keeping them there, they probably want to eat something too. supervisor chu: in regards to
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some of the neighborhood brought up, they did bring up the fact that there were no offsite components to it. >> that is covered by statute. the condition we have been bringing you the past 12 months -- to have a conversation about it -- we are trying not to repeat law. in this case, this type of license but not allow for all sale privilege. therefore, i did not have to condition it. secondly, the community brought up the good neighbor policy. that would be in effect. from what they are stating, our city laws would be in effect in that jurisdiction. supervisor chu: it appears from your comments the nature of having this on the open to individuals who are members, living at the hostel, and their guests, helps to alleviate the concerns that the neighborhood has.
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>> i would also add that the station was not opposed to this. they will be the front line in dealing with these issues. supervisor chu: thank you. any other questions from the committee? supervisor avalos: motion to approve with recommendations. supervisor chu: ok. without objection. thank you. item seven. >> hearing on the policy of short-turning or early turn- arounds of the municipal transportation agency's lrv's, the reasons for and frequency of this practice, and the communication plan to inform the affected riders. supervisor chu: thank you. this is an item that i did request a hearing before the city operations committee on the issue of muni switchbacks. i know we have a number of mta representatives who will be speaking and providing a
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presentation. just four ways of background, and a supervisor at avalos is concerned with this issue. as for my district, we have a number of light rail vehicles that come through. we have seen recently a number of complaints coming from residents who may be taken either one of those lines back but instead of having it go fully to the last stop, it ends up turning around early before their final stop. the purpose of today's presentation is to hear from the mta about the causes of this issue. for many of our residences, it becomes a big problem, from a reliability point of view, is people do not know exactly where they will be able to get to, it is a problem. in addition to that, if you can imagine in the sunset, foggy, cold weather, it is a problem
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when you have people dropped off later in the evenings without a way to get to their home easily. as you know, the sunset boulevard area is a good 15 blocks or more to the ocean, which is where the final stops are often located. we have a number of people here to talk about the light rail vehicles which backs. i would like to invite the mta's john haley. >> [no audio] supervisor chu: before you begin, do you have a copy of your presentation to provide? supervisor avalos: i did not see it in my packaget.
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we were moving our offices as well. it was hard to keep track of documents coming in. >> not a problem. in the interest of time, supervisors, i will move quickly through this. feel free to stop and ask any questions. the first point of what is on here, two, in terms of the description, what i would like to emphasize on this one, each of our lines, because they operate both on the subway and on the servicsurface, if you haa delay in 19 will affect the other ones. the guys we operate in street traffic and a subject to stop signs and those sorts of things, we are vulnerable to
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having delayed it generated in the subway as well as on the streets. we have a heavily utilized, you need, and complex system. in terms of what kinds of problems, you may remember a couple of months ago there was a series of lengthy delays. they resulted in a number of people being inconvenienced, sometimes for several hours. on this slide is a brief description of the major causes of those delays called switch problems, a problem with a mechanical attachment which is on the undercarriage of the car which cuts the signal cable in the subway, as well as one of the challenges when your operating in manual, when you get to one of the port is to receive automatic train control. our system is designed to run on automatic control and the
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reliability of the system is much higher when it is an automatic control as opposed to a manual operation. in september wheat underwent a series of delays. there were a number of actions that we undertook to address these delays. first of all, we redesigned our switch maintenance program to focus on high usage switches, such as the church at dubose. with the help of the signal manufacturing company, we limited the number of trains. we also made repairs to the sanderhose where we changed our men's procedures and there has been no incidents since then. the point of all of this is we improved our reliability.
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as this chart indicates, as far as the total number of switchbacks, in september they were higher than they have since come down. the point we want to make here is the number of switchbacks is a service management technique that we use in the event of a delay in the system. in our discussions, you had had asked, could we break up the time of the switchbacks? over the last couple of months we have a layout from september to december of the time of day. supervisor chu: you are going pretty quickly. it in terms of the lrv switch back, you say that it is sometimes required to make sure the system goes back in place. could you explain that more? >> are we tag


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